Ecobee Switch+ delivers voice control to every room in a smart home


The name Ecobee is slowly becoming a household name when it comes to the smart home category. We’ve featured a number of Ecobee products including the Ecobee smart thermostat line, Ecobee 4 with a smart light switch, and the Ecobee3 Lite. This time around, it is expanding into smart home solutions with the Ecobee Switch+ which is a new way to control devices around the house and in every room. Ecobee wants to be known as more than just a smart thermostat brand. It brings the first available light switch that speaks the language of Alexa.

If not Google Assistant, most smart home products are powered by Alexa. Amazon’s very own smart voice assistant is integrated with many services and devices and this new Ecobee Switch+ is no different. The idea is that it “listens” to you in whatever room you are in at home with the help of the Alexa Voice Service and the built-in far-field voice technology.

Ecobee in every room? That is possible with the Ecobee Switch+. It is priced at only $99 in the United States ($119 in Canada) and is now up for pre-order since yesterday, March 13, and will be ready in physical stores by March 26.

Stuart Lombard, Ecobee’s President and CEO Stuart Lombard said: “Voice is something that comes naturally to people, so it creates these really incredible, personal experiences that help make life a little easier. Our research finds voice-based services are actually outpacing all other ecosystems at a rate of three to one. With ecobee4 and now ecobee Switch+, voice literally weaves into the very fabric of your home, taking us one step closer to a whole home voice reality, which is proving to be the future of the smart home.”

Ecobee Switch+ doesn’t just work with Amazon Alexa. It also works with the Google Assistant, IFTTT, SmartThings, and the Apple HomeKit.

SOURCE: ecobee

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March 14, 2018 at 09:04AM