Drone Rush 2017 holiday buying guide


The holidays are just around the corner, and maybe you were thinking of buying a drone. Perhaps you are buying for a family member, or for yourself, no matter your price range or your pilot, we’re here to help you pick the right flying machine.

We’ve got a few simple recommendations for you today, but we’d like to invite you over to Drone Rush to see the entire list, and the entire video, for all the best drone options.

Before you buy a drone

Aside from price, it is important to consider form-factor, size and features of a drone before you spend the money. After all, a first time pilot will be overwhelmed by a big camera drone, a racing drone enthusiast will be bored with a cheap nano drone and someone looking to take photos from the sky will not use a toy-machine from the under-$100 range.

Most of all, safety should be your number one criteria when choosing a drone.

Before you fly – things to know
Don’t make these flying mistakes

FAA RegistrationThe FAA is in charge of all airspace in the United States, and they have some rules you need to follow with your drone. We’ve covered the rules in-depth, but I can sum up by saying that safety is key. You cannot fly in places or ways that endanger humans. That means stay away from airports, don’t fly over top of people and keep your drone in-sight at all times.

FAA rules explained Part 1
FAA rules explained Part 2

Please also note that your city, state and federal government may make rules as well. For example, you cannot fly near the White House or in any national parks. I cannot fly in city parks here in Portland. Check for rules before you fly, the fines can be steep.

Drones from the video:

What type of drone is right for you?

There are a bunch of ways to categorize drones. We like to keep it simple with toy-class drones, racing drones, hobby drones, camera drones and professional/commercial drones…

To see all of the types of drones, and the best drones you can purchase in any of these categories, please head on over to Drone Rush. We’re passionate about things that fly, and we hope you’ll join us in the fun.

Happy holidays!

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December 14, 2017 at 10:10AM