Developers can now allow in-app purchases through Google Assistant


Google introduced a redesign and even some new features to Google Assistant on your smartphone. But it’s not just end-users that will be able to see new things there. They are also bringing new tools that developers can implement in their apps and services though Assistant. In the same vein of making the digital assistant easier for users, Google wants developers to have this same level of seamlessness and intuition with their apps through digital goods and subscription as well as Google Sign-In.

If the app uses all of these new tools for their product or service, users will be able to make in-app purchases, upgrades, expansion packs, etc without having to leave your conversation with Google Assistant and without having to touch your phone. For this to be possible, you will of course need Google Sign-In for this to be seamless and to not break the natural flow of conversation.

Previously, if you will use Google Assistant to sign in to an app or service, you would have to manually type in your username or password. But now you can just confirm through voice confirmation or with just a single tap. You can even ask Google Assistant to create a new account for you or link to an existing account through a verified email address. Apps will be able to personalize the Action for its users without needing to build an account system or using OAuth-based account linking.

Some apps are already using this, like Starbucks which lets their users now use Google Assistant to access their Starbucks Rewards and earn stars when they make their purchases. Meditation app Headspace lets users subscribe to their plans and upgrade their experience while still talking to Assistant.

Couple this with the visual makeover that Google has brought to the Assistant, if developers will take them up on this, then Google Assistant will become all the more useful for those who want to bring both voice and touch to their smartphone experience.

SOURCE: Google

via Android Community

October 4, 2018 at 03:03AM