Deal: Launch your coding career with this 9-part kit


The Complete Back-End Developer Bundle

Every day is a deal day at AA picks, and today’s offering is for those of you looking to break into the lucrative coding game. The Complete Back-End Developer Bundle is subject to a huge price drop this week, so it’s a great excuse to start training.

The incentives to learn back-end developing skills are obvious: It’s a growing jobs market, the roles often pay well, and in some cases, you can work from anywhere. Whether you prefer that the comfort of your bed or the terrace of a beach bar, it’s quite a perk.

If you’re new to the jargon, the back end of a website refers to the mechanics of it. It’s the part which the user doesn’t see, but it makes the website work. The back-end developers handle the nuts and bolts, while the front-end bods hang the furry dice.

Back-End Developer Bundle

Web development can involve several programming languages. Fortunately, The Complete Back-End Developer Bundle covers the main ones, such as Java, Python, and Ruby. To be an effective back-end developer you should be a jack-of-all-codes.

The nine-part kit includes some 60 or more hours of expert-led tuition, so it’s appropriate that you’re given lifetime access. It’s available 24/7 too, so you can sharpen your skills in your spare time without giving up the day job.

The Back-End Developer Bundle:

Bootstrap 4 From Scratch With 5 Projects — $149.99 value
Angular 4 Crash Course For Busy Developers — $159.99 value
Ruby & Ruby On Rails Starter — $99.99 value
R Programming Hands-on Specialization For Data Science: Level 1 — $134.99 value
The Complete Java Developer Course — $149.99 value
Data Analysis With Python & Pandas — $64.99 value
Build Your First App With React Native — $19.99 value
Python Fundamentals — $99.99 value
SQL: Ultimate SQL & DataBase Concepts — $64.99 value

Despite the combined $950 value, the bundle is available for just $41 this week. That’s well under $1 per hour of training.

This is a time-limited deal, and it expires pretty soon. If you want to check it out, hit the button below.

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January 2, 2019 at 12:17PM