Deal: $329 Essential Phone bundle with phone, camera, camera case, headphones


Essential Phone review

Earlier this summer, there was an Essential Phone deal bundle which included an Essential Phone, the 360 camera, a carrying case for the camera, and a set of earbuds for $400. Well, that Essential Phone deal is back for Cyber Monday 2018 — and better than ever.

It’s better now because the bundle includes the same products but for less cash. In fact, the bundle is going for considerably less cash at only $329.

When you break down what you’re getting for $329, it’s absolutely an insane bargain:

  • Essential Phone in either Black Moon, Pure White, or Stellar Gray
  • 360 Camera for Essential Phone which snaps on to create 360-degree images
  • Protective case for the 360 Camera
  • Earphones HD which are earbuds with a USB Type-C connector

Even if you don’t care about the 360 camera, you’re still getting a terrific smartphone (running Android 9 Pie, no less) and a set of USB Type-C earbuds for less-than-half of what you’d pay for a 2018 flagship from most brands.

Although Essential is in a rough spot right now, don’t let that cloud the fact that the Essential Phone is still a great purchase. The phone is still getting frequent software updates and at this point is only a year old. For only $329, this deal is a no-brainer.

This is a Cyber Monday exclusive so it will only last for so long. Heed our advice and get on this deal now before its too late!

via Android Authority

November 26, 2018 at 09:20AM