Day One Journal for Android now out of beta


For years, those on iOS have been enjoying the privilege of having this awesome journaling app called Day One. But a few months ago, we saw a beta version for an Android app, and those who love digital journalling were pretty excited about it. There was no official announcement from the developers but it looks like the app has been out of beta for a few weeks now, and those who were hesitant to get it before can now start enjoying the journaling experience on their phone.

What makes this journaling app so popular is that it looks beautiful but it’s not complicated to use. It calls its interface a “Simple Memory Calendar” and that’s what it basically is. You key in important moments and thoughts and even include photos every day (or whenever you can) in a calendar format. You can create reminders for you to write an entry until you develop the habit of doing so.

Since it’s by date, it’s easy to go back to specific dates if you need to look back at something that happened or if you need to remember details about an event or trip or momentous occasion. You also have an on this day flashback so you can see what happened a year ago. It also has a good search engine so it’s easy to search through entries and to make it easier, you can even add tags.

You also have passcode or fingerprint lock to secure your journal. And soon, you will get end-to-end encryption as well. You can download Day One Journal from the Google Play Store for free. There are some features though that are only available to premium users. They haven’t announced yet what are the prices for Android premium subscriptions.

via Android Community

December 22, 2017 at 07:04AM