Create chaos as the grim reaper in Death Coming! [Game of the Week]


Update May 25, 2018: Become Death in the new puzzle game Death Coming! Then, we recommend checking back into Guns of Boom ahead of its first competitive esports season!

Death Coming

Death Coming manages to straddle the line between being cute and sardonic.

In the game you play a recently deceased kid who’s been given an opportunity at a second chance by Death himself — but only if you help him with his bidding. To do that, you’ll need to coordinate certain "accidents" to fulfill Death’s quota. This requires triggering death traps to catch as many people as you can, with each level having three specific targets for you to get.

It’s right in line with Peace, Death! in terms of being pretty dark in its subject manner, but it offers a puzzle experience that may remind you of those times playing The Sims where you’re trying to get them to murder themselves.

You can download and try out Death Coming for free, and then unlock the full game for just $2 if you find yourself really enjoying it.

Download: Death Coming (Free, $1.99 to unlock full game)

Guns of Boom

"Guns of Boom?" you ask yourself. "That game’s over a year old! Why is it on this list?"

Well, to celebrate its one-year anniversary, Guns of Boom have announced that it’s finally "going pro" with its first esports season!

That’s right, the developers at Game Insight have teamed up with ESL to launch the inaugural esports season for the cartoony mobile shooter. The first season is open to players who are level 22 or higher and is set to kick off on June 9th. This follows on the heels of the new partnership with Danny Trejo (the next "Trejo’s Fight event" set to start on June 4), and follows up on the December announcement of the more competitive "Pro mode".

Basically what I’m saying here is if you’re one of the millions of people who’ve played Guns of Boom in the past year, now’s a good time to revisit the game. The devs have done a good job of keeping it from being a purely pay-to-win format and have continually tweaked to make it more competitive.

If you get good enough, you might just be able to go pro!

Download: Guns of Boom (Free w/IAPs)

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May 25, 2018 at 04:35AM