Control time in Square Enix’s beautiful ‘Life is Strange’! [Game of the Week]


Update July 20, 2018: Life is Strange has finally arrived on Android complete. You can play the first episode of this time-warping and emotional story-driven game for free!

Life is Strange

Life is Strange is an episodic narrative-based adventure game that arrives on Android this week. It was first released on PC and consoles back in 2015 where it earned cult-hit status for its beautiful hand-drawn art style and an engaging storyline that branches based on the decisions you make. Last year, it was ported to iOS, but it was well worth the wait for Android users as the game arrives all at once and polished for a mobile experience.

Broken in to five episodes, the game focuses on Max Caulfield as she discovers she has the mysterious power to rewind time and relive moments. If you’ve previously played games by Telltale Games, you’ll feel very comfortable with the story-based gameplay but what’s best are the controls. There are three styles of on-screen controls available along with support for Bluetooth controllers. This is important as you’re often required to explore your surroundings and interact with other characters in a timely fashion.

To play the game, you’ll need a device running Android 6.0 or later that supports OpenGL 3.1. Your phone will also need a 64 bit ARM processor and a minimum of 2 GB of RAM. Square Enix recommends the game be played on a Samsung Galaxy S7 or Note 5 and up, Google Pixel or Pixel XL and up — basically any phone released in the past two years should be able to play the game just fine. Older devices might be able to load the game but you may experience laggy frame rates or other bugs.

You can download and play the first episode for free with the second episode available for just $0.99 with the remaining episodes available for $4.99 or a season pass available for $8.99 — the better deal if you fall in love with the game.

Download: Life is Strange (Free w/IAPs)

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July 20, 2018 at 05:01AM