Chrome will soon have quick Emoji access 😍💯❤👍


  • Google introduced a feature into its Canary version of Chrome which enables a Chrome Emojis option by simply right-clicking.
  • You can use Emojis on your computer now; it’s just not as easy as the feature in Chrome Canary.
  • Chrome Emojis will likely roll out to the stable version of Chrome in a few weeks.

When you’re typing something on your phone, it’s easy to add an Emoji to the text; simply hit the Emoji button on the virtual keyboard, find the one you like, and add it maybe two dozen times to really get your point across.

On your computer, it’s not so simple. There’s no dedicated Emoji button on your keyboard, obviously, and not everyone can afford those fancy MacBooks with the Touch Bar.

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Luckily, Google is going to make using Emojis on your computer a lot easier by adding an option in the right-click menu that will quickly pull up an Emoji selector. You can test the feature out right now if you have a Canary version of Chrome installed. If not, the screenshots below will have to suffice:

chrome emojis
chrome emojis

Believe it or not, you can use Emojis on your computer right now; it’s just a little trickier than this right-click option will be.

On a Mac, all you have to do is hold Control + Command + Space to launch an Emoji selector. This is incredibly easy, but not that many people know it’s there. Chrome’s right-click option is much more intuitive.

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On Windows, it’s not as easy. You have to open the touch keyboard by clicking the keyboard icon in the task manager. Then click the Emoji button on the touch keyboard and find your Emoji. There is no keyboard shortcut to access the Emojis for some reason.

If you want to test out the feature but don’t have the Canary version of Chrome, you can follow these instructions for getting set up with the experimental and highly-unstable version of the browser.

If you don’t want to go through with that, just wait a bit; it’s likely this feature will hit the stable version of Chrome in a few weeks’ time.

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April 6, 2018 at 10:42PM