Chrome OS may soon get facial recognition


Existing Chromebooks won’t be updated to support this.

Thanks to recent efforts from HP and Dell, it’s quickly being proven that Chrome OS is just as suited for professional, adult machines as it is for the educational market. As the operating system continues to evolve, it looks like one of its next big features will be facial recognition.

The following commit, spotted by Chrome Story, confirms these plans:

intel: ipu3: Add face detection

The face detection works if set the mode
The face info could be got by method getResult().

It’s disabled currently.
Add metadata and enable it in the future.

While this is certainly exciting stuff, it’s important that we keep our expectations in check.

For one thing, facial recognition won’t magically be added to all Chromebooks that are currently on the market. Instead, this feature appears to require special hardware of some sort (the commit goes on to mention Intel’s Face Engine).

Even with that said, it’s still encouraging to know that something like this is in the works. Facial recognition for the Pixelbook 2, anyone?

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August 29, 2018 at 05:47AM