Cheer yourself up in this weekend’s comments thread


The days are officially too short and too cold for many of us, so spend your time indoors talking to friends.

In a few days, the holiday season officially begins in the U.S. That means turkey dinners, Black Friday shopping and the end of Daylight Saving Time makes it dark before you get home from work. Winter time is fun for some things, but cold and dark is generally not a good for happiness.

While you’re mentally preparing for a family dinner complete with politics and religion and every other awkward thing being discussed over turkey and cranberry sauce, remember you have at least one place where nobody cares about any of it and you can relax and have a little fun. This place, right here.

We plan to take a friend to see some history this weekend. She’s never had time to see the sights whenever she’s visited my little section of the world before, so anything built in the 1700’s is fair game. Yeah, that’s not old if you live across the pond but for this part of the world it is. Living a stone’s throw from places like Harper’s Ferry means plenty of things to see.

Besides, I like taking photos of all the old stuff like the spooky church above.

I’ll have a nice Thanksgiving, and hope each of you can do the same. But that’s next week, so let’s hear what everyone is up to this weekend!

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November 18, 2017 at 07:05AM