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The Last Stand

This week, if you’re not interested in spending a dollar or two on the great deals for premium games in the Google Play Store, I’d recommend The Last Stand, a new battle royale game that just launched for Android this week.

It’s a top-down shooter that supports up to 16 players battling in a last man standing match that has you starting out searching for supplies that include weapons, ammo, grenades and trap mines, along with nuts and bolts which are used to upgrade your guns during each round — assuming you’ve got the right blueprints.

Those blueprints are available in crates which are time-locked and also available via in-app purchase. With this system, it could lead to unbalanced play if you come up against someone who had dropped a ton of money into the game, but the game still feels like it’s in development somewhat so those things might get tweaked if it becomes a problem.

Overall, the game looks and plays really smooth, with auto-fire enabled if you’re aiming at an enemy. Little notifications will pop up when an enemy is nearby but just off-screen, and the map features a good variety of places to explore and bushes to hide in when you’re being chased. Each match lasts just a couple minutes and the action is frenzied making for a pretty thrilling experience at the best of times, but your best off trying to sneak around undetected to get the jump on your enemies.

The Last Stand is free to play with no ads and in-app purchases available for cosmetic upgrades and buying in-game currency.

Download: The Last Stand (Free w/IAPs)

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November 24, 2018 at 04:05AM