Cheap Fitness Trackers You’ve Never Heard Of


Don’t spend your money on a high-end fitness tracker right off the bat, try out one of these cheap ones instead!

When it comes to fitness trackers, big names like Fitbit, Garmin, and Jawbone have a real grip on the market. While Fitbit has been in the game a long time and makes a great product, the best Fitbit products cost a lot of money, same goes for big brands like Garmin and Jawbone.

If you’re looking to try a fitness tracker for the first time, spending hundreds of dollars on a Fitbit or other big brand name may not be the wisest choice. Try before you buy isn’t always realistic; however, if you buy a cheap fitness tracker first, you can see if it will be worth to upgrading to a more expensive brand later. Here are our favorite cheap fitness trackers that you’ve probably never heard about.

Wesoo K1 fitness watch

For only $30, the Wesoo K1 offers lots of features that you’ll find on higher-end fitness trackers for a fraction of the price.

Counting calories, steps per day, and distance traveled are all par for the course on any fitness tracker, but the addition of automatic sleep monitoring, silent vibrating alarms, and sedentary alerts makes the $30 price tag even sweeter.

One of the coolest features of the Wesoo K1 is its ability to charge without a cable. That’s right when you take the Wesoo K1 out of the band, there’s a built-in USB end on the tracker so you just have to plug it into your computer, wall outlet, or even a power bank to charge it.

You can buy the Wesoo K1 fitness watch with an extra band that either purple or blue.

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FitOn is a relatively ambitious Kickstarter campaign, that looks promising and has already reached its funding goal.

On top of tracking all your important fitness metrics — steps per day, calories burned, distance, traveled, etc. — FitOn is promising a IP68 water resistance rating meaning you can swim with this tracker on all you want without damaging it.

The FitOn promo video also describes an oxygen meter that’s meant to help you gauge your blood oxygen levels during intense workouts or swims. Using this data with the included heart rate monitor will give you a better statistics when it comes to your personal training.

Now since this is a Kickstarter campaign there is a little bit of risk in backing it up; however, it’s already over it’s funding goal so that risk should be limited. You can back this campaign and receive a FitOn when they start shipping for only $49.

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LEMFO fitness tracker

If you’re going to be wearing something on your wrist all day, why not make it stand out a little? The LEMFO fitness tracker has a bold design that will is bound to get noticed while packing in important fitness tracker features.

The automatic sleep monitoring will kick in when you decide to lay your weary head down for a rest, and the active heart rate monitor will help you track your pulse through even the most intense workouts.

The LEMFO fitness tracker has an IP67 rating, meaning you can take it for a quick swim or out in the rain with no problem and even supports message and call notifications to keep you up to date.

For only $35, LEMFO fitness tracker is a great way to see if you enjoy using a fitness tracker or not.

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X-CHENG fitness tracker

If you like the idea of having a fitness tracker that embraces the smart side of things, the X-CHENG fitness tracker may be your best bet.

While it’s big display and bold design may not be your style, the X-CHENG fitness tracker checks all the boxes. IP67 water resistance rating, automatic sleep monitoring, heart rate monitor, calorie counter, step counter, and all the other essential fitness tracking abilities are present.

Not only can this thing receive your calls and texts, it also can hook up to your Facebook, Twitter, and other social apps and send all your important notifications right to your wrist! Plus, even with the huge display, the battery should still last you a whole week between charges, meaning you don’t have to worry about it dying in the middle of your workouts as often.

You can pick up the X-CHENG fitness tracker for $45.

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November 20, 2017 at 06:00AM