Cancel your weekend plans for Shadowgun Legends and PUBG Mobile!


You have to play these games.

Update March 23, 2018: The big news this week was the release of PUBG Mobile for Android — but almost lost in the shuffle was the release of the epic RPG shooter Shadowgun Legends!

PUBG Mobile

Far and away the biggest game release for Android this week, if you haven’t checked out PUBG yet make sure you do this weekend.

If you missed my review earlier this week, here’s what you need to know. PUBG is a battle royale-style game where 100 players are dropped onto a large island map with no supplies. You must quickly search for loot and then kill or survive until you’re the very last man standing.

This is a very good port of the original game that has been optimized for mobile without taking anything away from the core gameplay. The learning curve is steep, but the tiered ranking system means you shouldn’t run into too many elite players in your first couple games.

It’s free to download and play with no ads and no pay-to-win elements and comes highly recommended.

Download: PUBG Mobile (Free)

Shadowgun Legends

While PUBG Mobile has been stealing all my free time this week, another pretty massive shooter also just launched on Android that’s just as epic in terms of graphics and scope.

Shadowgun Legends is a massive RPG shooter looks amazing on mobile. Made by the fine folks at MADFINGER Games, you’ve perhaps played the original Shadowgun game, or its multiplayer spin-off Shadowgun: Deadzone. Legends takes the game into exciting new territory allowing you to play an epic story campaign and connect and play with or against friends all in the same game.

There are over 200 missions spread across four planets for you to complete, collecting loot and other cosmetic items along the way to customize your fighter. After you’ve built your character up through the main campaign, join forces with friends for co-op missions and raids or take on other players in the PvP arena.

This is a crazy polished game that maintains a solid framerate despite how beautiful everything looks. The default controls are super stripped down and basic, but they can be tweaked in the settings if you desire a bit more of a challenge. It’s free-to-play without being pay-to-win, with in-app purchases available for cosmetic upgrades if you’re down with that. Also available to play on the NVIDIA Shield TV.

If PUBG’s style just ain’t for you, check out Shadowgun Legends instead!

Download: Shadowgun Legends (Free w/IAPs)

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March 23, 2018 at 05:01AM