Bixby Speaker: this is what Samsung’s smart speaker could be


Samsung is working on many things but one device we’re anticipating for is the Bixby smart speaker. We’re not sure if that is how the tech giant is calling it but we’ve been saying it will be AI-powered and can possibly detect humans. We learned about this speaker as early as August last year and now we’ve got information it will also sport a camera and a display. A patent has been filed last year at the World Intellectual Property Office but it’s only now it’s being granted in South Korea.

The Bixby Speaker will be something new from Samsung but it’s not exactly the first of its kind. We already know about the Amazon Echo, Google Home, Polk Audio smart speaker, and even Apple’s HomePod. Recently introduced in the market are smart displays like the ARCHOS Hello, LG ThinQ Google Assistant Smart Display (WK9), and the Lenovo Smart Display.

The Samsung Bixby smart speaker that is being developed is said to be many things–it’s a speaker and now it’s also a camera and a display. We can say this is more of a smart display than just a smart speaker because of its many functions. Smart speakers are usually limited because of the absence of a camera and a screen. AI makes any smart device smarter. The patent file reveals a number of things and we can conclude the Samsung smart speaker will come with a camera and display.

The device is said to feature a display, a camera, and seven microphones. Looking at the images, it may remind you of a robot or a snowman because of its shape. For some, it can be BB-8 from Star Wars. The upper portion where the microphones are placed can rotate 360-degrees. No, this one won’t towards you but it can hear and detect the direction of the sound. It will then turn to hear more accurately for better speech recognition.

The Samsung Bixby Smart Speaker is a rotatable smart speaker. It features a camera that does facial recognition by remembering what is saved in its memory. It will remember a photograph to associate the sound being heard. The small built-in screen can display photos and text. We’re not sure if it is OLED, LED, or LCD. We’re just happy there is a display. It’s also a touchscreen so there is a possibility of stylus input as well.

Since the Bixby speaker is smart, we can say it will work like any other smart device like send data (photo or message). Feel free to access other apps like email, photo album, web browser, alarm, or a media player. Other features include a memory card slot, USB and HDMI port, WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS, LTE, and NFC.

The smart speaker-smart display is expected to be ready before this year ends. We’re crossing our fingers Samsung will be ready soon and show off the smart device at the IFA 2018 in Berlin together with the new Galaxy Note 9. Both products may carry the smarter Bixby 2.0 already so they can be integrated with one another.


via Android Community

June 13, 2018 at 09:43PM