Best screen protectors for Google Pixel 3


That’s a fine display you’ve got on your Google Pixel 3. It’d be a shame if something were to… happen to it. That’s why a screen protector is not just a good idea; it’s a great investment. Protect your Pixel 3’s screen from harm with these protectors.

Trusted brand

amFilm tempered glass screen protector

amFilm’s been the one consistent brand that I’ve been recommending for years now. This 3-pack of protectors are made of durable tempered glass. They’re incredibly clear, facilitate perfect touch feedback, and if they break, they break into dull chunks instead of sharp shards.

$10 at Amazon


Supershieldz tempered glass screen protector

Supershieldz has screen protectors that bear an oleophobic and hydrophobic coating, meaning it repels oils and water, helping to keep it fingerprint- and smudge-free. Supershieldz also offers a lifetime replacement warranty with this 3-pack.

$8 at Amazon

Full coverage

Tocol tempered glass screen protector

This 3-pack features black bezels to match your Pixel 3, and the protector covers the entire front of your phone so that all the glass is protected from scratches and chips. Tocol’s protectors are also coated with an oleophobic compound, which helps keep fingerprints to a minimum.

$10 at Amazon

Smart film protector

IQShield film screen protector

IQShield’s screen protector isn’t made from tempered glass, rather it’s made from a self-healing film, which seamlessly adheres to your Pixel 3. IQShield promises that this screen protector won’t yellow over time, and it provides exceptional touch feedback as though there was no protector on your phone to begin with.

$8 at Amazon


Elebase tempered glass screen protector

Elebase claims its screen protectors work perfectly with your Pixel 3 case so that you can protect your phone front and back. This one has black bezels on the top and bottom to match your phone and has the oleophobic coating to repel the oils from your skin.

$10 at Amazon

Also great

Topnow tempered glass screen protector

This tempered glass screen protector comes in a 3-pack and features black bezels just like your Pixel 3. Topnow promises perfect touch sensitivity and clarity, and it provides a lifetime replacement warranty.

$10 at Amazon

A screen protector is the simplest way to protect your Pixel 3’s most important part (you know, the screen), and tempered glass is the strongest way to do so. amFilm’s protectors are very popular and a perennial favorite of mine, though Supershieldz is just as great.

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December 21, 2018 at 03:04AM