Best microSD Cards for Galaxy S8 in 2018


What are the best microSD cards for the Galaxy S8?

Following in the footsteps of the Galaxy S7, the Galaxy S8 offers support for microSD cards so you can increase the storage of the phone. This time around, however, Samsung has increased the onboard storage from 32GB up to 64GB, so many people may find that more than enough. But if you’re worried about filling that 64GB up with music, video or pictures, you should grab a microSD card and put it all there so you can easily access it.

Here are some of the best options to put in your new Galaxy S8, divided into performance and value options.

Performance options

These cards are all rated U3, which is a speed classification shorthand for UHS Speed Class 3, offering a minimum sequential write speed of 30MB/s. Why does this matter? Because without a card this fast, the Galaxy S8 can’t record 4K video to an external card.

SanDisk Extreme 32GB

If the 64GB that Samsung gives you inside the Galaxy S8 isn’t enough for your daily needs, adding a bit more doesn’t have to cost a ton. SanDisk’s high-performance microSDHC UHS-I Card ($19) offers transfer speeds of up to 80MB/s and with its U3 rating it is capable of handling 4K video.

Adding 32GB of storage to a 64GB phone may seem a bit weird, but if you aren’t looking to spend a lot this may be the way to go at under $20 for the card. If you want a bit more storage, you can get the 64GB SanDisk Extreme for just under $32.

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PNY U3 Pro Elite 128GB

If you’re planning to do a lot of 4K video recording, you’ll want a fast and reliable card in your phone. PNY’s U3 Pro Elite 128GB card adds plenty of storage and the speeds you need. Classified at U3, it is great for video, and it is capable of up to 95MB/s read and 90MB/s write. At around $60, this is a relatively inexpensive option, and it is highly-rated and reliable.

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Samsung 256GB EVO Select microSD

Samsung’s own 256GB EVO Select microSD card (around $120) is one of the best to go for if you are ready to just go all out on storage. With read speeds of up to 100MB/s and write speeds of up to 90MB/s you can quickly and easily transfer files to and from the phone. It’s also U3 classified which makes it perfect for 4K video.

With the speed and storage capacity comes a larger price tag on this card, but if you want the biggest on the market this is the way to go.

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Value options

If you don’t care about 4K video capture and just want a card that stores media for playback, or captures exclusively 1080p video on the Galaxy S8, these cards cost significantly less than U3-speed options.

Samsung EVO 128GB microSD

Samsung’s EVO 128GB microSD card (about $45) isn’t the company’s top offering, but it comes with decent speeds and a price tag to match. With up to 48MB/s read and write (Class 10 or U1 classification), it can handle 1080p video without a problem. If you want a Samsung-branded card that doesn’t break the bank, this is the one to go with.

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SanDisk Ultra 128GB microSD

SanDisk is a well-known company when it comes to memory cards and storage products, and cards like this show you why. The SanDisk Ultra 128GB ($40) is a Class 10 card that comes with a 10-year warranty and has quick transfer speeds (up to 80MB/s), so it should check many of the boxes that you look for in a microSD card.

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SanDisk Ultra 200GB microSD

If you’re looking to add a lot of extra storage at a relatively low cost, the SanDisk Ultra 200GB microSD card (around $70) is the way to go. This Class 10 card provides transfer speeds of up to 90MB/s and can record Full HD video. If you like to keep your digital library with you at all times, you’ll want one of these.

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Your favorite?

Do you have a favorite microSD card that isn’t listed here? Be sure to drop a comment below and let us know which card it is, and why you like it!

Updated May 2018: Updated pricing information and shop links. These are still your best options for the Galaxy S8!

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May 6, 2018 at 06:03AM