Best clear cases for the Google Pixel 3 XL


I know, I know, no one wants to hide their sexy, shiny phone under a case, but it’s OK! Clear cases can keep your Google Pixel 3 XL safe while showing off that two-tone glass back for all the world to gaze upon and weep at its loveliness. Here are some of our favorites out on the market today.

Crystal-clear drop-protection

Tech21 Evo Check

$40 at Google Store

Do you drop your phones a lot, but still want to show yours off? Grab an Evo Check case, rated to keep your phone safe from repeated 12-foot drops. Its clear construction still shows off your Pixel’s perfection, and it comes in purple and clear.

Like nothing’s there

Cimo Slim Grip

$8 at Amazon

Cimo’s Slim Grip’s translucence lets the Pixel branding and two-tone glass shine through one of three cool colors — blue, purple, and traditional crystal clear — while the TPU offers extra grip so you can keep your Pixel 3 XL safely in hand.

Crystal Clear

Spigen Liquid Crystal

$11 at Amazon

Eschewing hard polycarbonate backs that have a tendency to produce oily rainbows and stiff cases, Spigen uses a flexible TPU, which is easy to apply and easier to grip. The light protection of Spigen’s Liquid Crystal is as thin as it is beautiful.

Air cushion corners

TGOOD Slim Grip

$5 at Amazon

Want a thin case but still want more protection for your Pixel 3 XL and those dreaded corner-drop shatters? TGOOD has your answer with its Slip Grip case, which stays thin, clear, and beautiful on the back and sides of the phone where you’ll grip it. It also sports some serious air cushions on the four corners of the case.

The X factor

Ringke Fusion X

$12 at Amazon

Sporting a beefy bumper and reinforced corners for extra protection, the Ringke Fusion X is military grade protection for the price of a pizza. While the Black bumper is solid, the Ruby Red bumper is translucent, giving your Pixel 3 XL a bloody beautiful glow when it catches the light.

Barely there

totallee Thin Pixel 3 XL Case

If you want as little bulk as possible on your already large Pixel 3 XL, then this totallee case is the best way to provide a bit of scratch protection in an impressively thin package. This glossy finished version is a slightly softer case than the frosted white and black versions, but it’s totally transparent and so thin you might forget it’s there.

$28 at Amazon

Extra protection

Speck Presidio

If you don’t mind a little bit of bulk, this case from Speck has a dual-layer design for outward scratch and drop protection, as well as shock absorption, thanks to the inner layer of flexible TPU rubber. The Presidio case is also coated to prevent fingerprints and discoloration.

$45 at Best Buy

Shine bright

ESR Essential Twinkle case

ESR’s flexible TPU rubber case is only 1mm thick at its thinnest point. It’s clear and scratch-resistant, so you can still admire your Pixel 3 XL, along with a shiny jet black or rose gold shine around the bumper instead of unsightly joints and cushions and seams.

$13 at Amazon

Built-in kickstand

Spigen Ultra Hybrid S

Spigen’s Ultra Hybrid S is a bit thicker than your average clear case, but for good reason! This slick case has a built-in metal kickstand sitting near the bottom of the back, which simply snaps back into place when you don’t need it.

$14 at Amazon

While traditional clear cases like the Spigen Liquid Crystal work with pretty much any phone color or wardrobe, they can also discolor over time. I prefer colored clear cases like the Cimo Slim Grip, as they tend to discolor less, hide smears and scuffs better, and they add some personality to your Pixel 3 XL.

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December 10, 2018 at 07:05AM