Best Clear Cases for Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+


Feels like your phone’s wearing nothing at all… nothing at all.. nothing at all!

We seem to say this every year, but the latest flagship devices from Samsung, the Galaxy S9 and S9+, are simply outstanding.

Samsung has been continually refining its smartphone design since the Galaxy S6 and that’s reflected in the smart touches implemented into the S9. This is a phone that you’ll want to show off, but since it’s essentially made of glass, you’re going to want to cover the breakable bits with a case.

These clear cases will keep your Galaxy S9 or S9+ protected while still letting you showcase which color phone you went with. Let’s dive in!

VRS Design Transparent Crystal Thin case

This clear case from VRS Design essentially offers everything you need from a clear case, allowing you to show off the body of the Galaxy S9 in all its glory. Made entirely of flexible and shock-absorbing TPU, this case is designed to fit snugly onto your Galaxy S9 and offers great protection including a lip around the display so you can put your phone screen down on a table.

Better still, these cases are thin enough to be fully compatible with wireless charging and third-party screen protectors.

You can get this case for just $11 on Amazon.

Also available for the Galaxy S9+.

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Ringke Fusion Clear Case

The best way to protect your phone from drop damage is to not drop your phone. The latest Fusion clear case from Ringke includes a handy wrist strap built into the case.

Whether or not you want to use the wrist strap is up to you, but it’s a thoughtful addition to a consistently stellar case style. Available as a clear case or with an Orchid Purple or Smoky Black bumper accent, you can get this case for just $11 on Amazon.

Also available for the Galaxy S9+.

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Lifeproof SLAM case

When you’re dropping over $700 on a brand new phone, you want to protect it from everything life might throw at it, especially if you plan on spending a ton of time outside this summer.

Lifeproof cases typically offer protection from dirt and snow, but the SLAM case focuses exclusively on drop protection. Lifeproof says this case can survive drops from up to two meters (6.5 ft) thanks to the reinforced bumpers. It’s also got a rugged backplate that’s clear to show off the phone’s design and also compatible with wireless charging. While it’s not quite as Lifeproof as you’d expect, it’s also not as expensive as other Lifeproof cases at only $50. Plus, it looks pretty cool with the black and neon green, do you think? You can order it from Lifeproof today, or order it from Amazon and get it by March 26.

Looking for the classic FRE Lifeproof case? You can sign up to be notified about when it becomes available.

Also available for the Galaxy S9+.

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Caseology Skyfall Series Clear Case

If you love the sleek design of the Galaxy S9, you should get a case that accentuates those curves.

Caseology consistently hits it out of the park with its cases, but in particular, the Skyfall series always looks and feels great. Featuring an ultra clear cover to protect the back of your phone along with a protective bumper frame (available in colors to match your device), this is a slim and lightweight case will perfectly accent your phone and keep it protected without distracting from the phone itself.

Starting as low as $13 with some of the more colorful options fetching $16 on Amazon.

Also available for the Galaxy S9+.

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Zizo ION Series Clear Case

Zizo’s cases are overkill for those who need a rugged case, with the ION Series offering a clear case option that doesn’t skimp on the protection. You get a rugged polycarbonate bumper hugging a flexible TPU shell, and as always Zizo includes a complementary tempered glass screen protector with each case.

You can get this stylish and rugged clear case in your choice of four color options for just $14.

Also available for the Galaxy S9+.

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Spigen Ultra Hybrid S Clear Case

Typically, we’d recommend the Spigen Liquid Crystal case here, as it’s a perennial favorite around these parts. However, Spigen has added a bunch of floral designs and sparkles for the S9 cases which won’t match all tastes.

But you know what will? The Ultra Hybrid S Clear Case, which combines a flexible and shock-absorbing bumper with a crystal clear rigid backplate to offer the protection you need with the clear case style you want. With the S model, you also get a built-in kickstand that pops out with ease to let you watch YouTube or Netflix hands-free.

You can buy this case on Amazon for $17 and be one of the first to get it when it starts shipping at the beginning of April.

Also available for the Galaxy S9+.

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What are your favorite clear case options?

Eyeing any of the cases on our list? Got a favorite that didn’t make the cut? Let us know in the comments!

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March 21, 2018 at 06:05AM