Best Cases for Nokia 2 in 2018


Protect your phone with the best available options

Now that you have your Nokia 2 you want to make sure it’s protected. Another bonus when looking for phone cases is to see if it has the ability to serve as a useful tool for your daily life as well. Sometimes that means sacrificing a bit of the extra protection you might get with other cases, but that is worth it to some of us.

Continue on below to weigh your options for these phenomenal phone cases to see which one is the best for you!

Note: This buyer’s guide is for the Nokia 2 (2017), not the newer Nokia 2.1 (2018).

Linkertech dual layer

This case is the closest you’re going to get to something like an Otterbox for your Nokia 2. It comes in two parts, where the inner piece is a thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) and the outer piece is a hard plastic that clips onto it. TPU is a semi-hard silicone used in cases to protect your phone better from accidental drops by providing shock-absorption. One of the amazing parts is that you’ll be getting this dual-layer protection without the case making your phone too bulky.

While there isn’t much in the means of added features, the Linkertech case does come with a built-in kick-stand. That means you’ll be able to prop up your phone to watch some movies. But, the best part of this phone case is that you can get it for just $7.95 on Amazon in the colors black, red, or blue!

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Feitenn Nokia 2 wallet case

Here we have the iconic phone case that also serves as a wallet. There is TPU inside of the case that is sealed in with leather, but it is much thinner than you would get in the Linkertech case. With two slots for cards and a larger slot to put some cash inside, the case makes it practical to keep all of your personal items in one holder. While you won’t have the same amount of protection as a thicker case, you’ll certainly be saving yourself a lot of anxiety knowing everything is all in one place.

The Feitenn is perfect for traveling or a night out with your friends. It even has a built-in feature for you to fold the crease and turn it into a kickstand for your phone. It comes in three different colors — black, blue, or orange — that you can find on Amazon for the great price of $8.79.

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Lastly, we have the KuGi SS phone case, which offers a decent amount of protection in an almost-unnoticeable design. KuGi SS has a thin layer of TPU coated with a soft material to ensure your case will be almost as thin as your phone and slick to the touch. If you’re the type of person that just wants a basic phone case that gives your Nokia protection and gets the job done, the KuGi is the one for you.

For $8.50 on Amazon you can get your hands on one that’s either navy blue, brown, white or orange.

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Screen protectors

Last but not least, you want to complete your phone case with some tempered glass. These stick-on options act as a second form of protection to go over the screen of your phone and prevent scratches and cracks. Tempered glass will fit inside all options that were listed and you’ll hardly realize it’s there. This way, the next time you drop your phone and realize you’ve cracked the entire screen, you can take comfort knowing it’s just the second screen.

You can find a 2-pack on Amazon for $6.99 so when the first one gets ruined you already have a backup in your drawer. Trust me, the money spent on getting these cases are well worth the possible hundreds of dollars it will cost to replace the actual screen of your phone. It’s definitely worth the investment.

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July 6, 2018 at 06:00AM