Best Cases for Amazon Echo Dot


Make your Echo Dot speaker blend in or stand out in your home with a stylish new case!

So Amazon is prepping to release a Kids Edition of the Echo Dot that comes with a colorful, kid-friendly case to keep it safe.

But you don’t have to wait for that "new" edition to give your Echo Dots a fresh look or give it some extra protection, especially if you have kids or pets that may pull it off an end table. There are plenty of case options available for the Echo Dot available in styles that will match your home decor or personality. Find the one that’s right for you!

Note: These are all designed for the 2nd Generation Echo Dot.

Amazon Echo Dot Case

We’ll start with Amazon’s own cases for the Echo Dot because they’re absolutely designed not to impede the sound or utility of the Echo Dot and it just makes sense.

If you love that fabric look of the 2nd-gen Amazon Echo and want the same look for your Echo Dot speakers, this is the case you need with three colors available to match your decor.

Alternatively, Amazon also offers a premium leather case that adds a touch of class to your Echo Dot and is also available in three colors.

Get yourself a stylish fabric case for $10, or upgrade to a leather case for $20.

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Piqiu Natural Wood Echo Dot Case

It’s rare to find natural wood cases for the tech we use, but there’s something really charming about mixing an AI speaker with the natural grain of a wood stand. Besides looking great, it will also offer great protection for your Echo Dot if your pesky cat decides to knock it off your desk.

Piqiu also has a couple aluminum cases listed alongside the wood case — in black and silver — but we’ve highlighted the wood style because it’s unique

Get this stylish case option for your Echo Dot for just $17.99.

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Znewtech Echo Dot Desk Clock Stand

Sure, there’s the Echo Spot, but if you want Alexa at your beside without a built-in camera, this desk clock docking station for your Echo Dot is the next best thing.

Your Echo Dot fits snugly in the top of the stand giving you full access to the control buttons and a view of the light ring while adding a handy LCD clock displaying the time. On the back, you’ll be able to tweak the brightness, switch between 12-hour and 24-hour time format, and flip a switch to toggle daylight savings, but everything else is handled by Alexa on the Echo dot, including alarms.

Turn your Echo Dot into the ultimate bedside clock for just $27.99.

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Mission Cables Silicone Echo Dot Case

Silicone is a popular material used to protect our favorite tech — from smartphones to smartwatches — so of course, there’d be a silicone-based case for the Echo Dot.

This is a pretty standard offering that will add a splash of color to your Echo Dot along with a soft-touch finish that will also keep it safe from any damage.

Available in five vibrant color options, get yours for just $15.

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Fintie Leather Protective Echo Dot Case

So far, the cases we’ve featured have left the top of the Echo Dot uncovered. If you prefer a more secure case that offers full coverage and protection for your Echo Dot, Fintie has got your back.

These cases are made of premium synthetic leather combined with a soft microfiber interior that offers the best protection for your Echo Dot. There are ample cutouts to allow access to the buttons and ports and everything is held secure with a button closure that makes this case really easy to install or remove.

There are nine colors and patterns available to choose from. If you love the look of these colorful leather cases you can get one for your Echo Dot for just $13.

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SkinIt Echo Dot Skins

If updating your Echo Dot’s style is much more important to you than finding a protective case then you should absolutely consider a skin from SkinIt.

They offer a ridiculous number of skin styles that run the gamut from simple colors and textures, beautiful photography and art, or branded skins featuring your favorite sports teams, comic book heroes, or Disney characters. Designed to precisely fit your Echo Dot, these thin vinyl skins are easy to install and remove and are perfect if you’d rather have your Echo Dot front and center in your living room rather than tucked away in a corner.

There are hundreds of skin styles available for just $15, or you can create your own custom skin for $20.

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Dottie Echo Dot Mount

Do you use your Echo Dot in the kitchen and worry about it taking up valuable counter space or getting something spilled on it? Instead of a case, your best bet may be to simply mount it to the wall outlet.

This Dottie plug-in mount for the Echo Dot is the ultimate kitchen accessory that you didn’t know you needed. It requires no tools to install and won’t damage your wall or Echo Dot. Simply pop the Dot into the mount, plug it into the wall and you’re good to go. Depending on where you position it on your wall, you may find that this mount improves the microphone’s array sensitivity and audio playback, too.

Available in black or white, you can get this handy wall mount for your Echo Dot for just $20.

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What do you think of these Echo Dot cases?

Is this a must-have accessory for you? Which style do you prefer? Tell us in the comments below!

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May 2, 2018 at 06:06AM