Best Bands for Samsung Gear Sport


Summer is here! It’s time to get sweaty with your Samsung Gear Sport.

The Samsung Gear Sport is a really nice smartwatch that just happens to focus on fitness. You’re able to load it up with your favorite Spotify playlists, pair your Bluetooth headphones, and hit the trail. When you’re done your run and your watchband feels a bit sweaty, the quick release pins make swapping out bands a breeze.

Whether you hate wearing a gross sweaty band after a workout or you simply want some stylish band options to switch between throughout the week, we’ve rounded up the best bands for the Gear Sport!

Barton Watch Bands

We’ll start by highlighting a great collection of bands from Barton Watch Bands. Barton makes bands for a wide selection of smartwatches, and they offer 48 unique styles for the Samsung Gear Sport.

We’ve highlighted one of the gorgeous leather bands crafted out of top grain leather ($24), and there are 12 leather colors to choose from. Barton also offers bands made of canvas ($20) and silicone ($14) and they all look great.

Barton offers $2 shipping worldwide and you can also save 15% on any order with 4 or more bands by using the coupon code SPRINGTIME18.

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KADES Breathable Soft Silicone Bands

If you bought the Gear Sport because you lead an active lifestyle, then you’ll want a watchband that’s designed to be lightweight, breathable, and affordable.

These are made from high-performance fluoroelastomer making each band durable and strong with a soft-touch finish that feels great on your wrist. The holes in the strap let the air get so your wrists don’t get gross and sweaty, and they’re also safe for swimming.

You can buy these bands individually for just $9, or buy a three pack for just $18 so you can mix and match your bands based on your outfit or mood.

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ANCOOL Silicone Watch Bands

ANCOOL offers a selection of third-party bands that closely resemble the band that comes with the Gear Sport. Made of soft silicone, these bands are lightweight and easy to wear — perfect if you wear your Gear Sport on the daily.

Available in 5 color options, you can buy the bands individually for $8 each, or get a five-pack that gives you the choice of all five colors for just $17. It’s a great deal if you’re the type who loves to accessorize your smartwatch with your outfit.

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LoveBlue Stainless Steel Bands

Moving from silicone and leather to more stylish stainless steel varieties, these LoveBlue bands offer a high-end look at a reasonable price.

These bands are available in black, gold, silver, or rose gold color options and are perfect if you’re looking for a classier band for those fashionable events where you still want to wear your favorite smartwatch but a silicone strap just won’t do.

LoveBlue’s products are custom designed for the Gear Sport with the quick-release pins and included tools for removing links if the band is too big for your wrist. Get this luxurious band for your Gear Sport for just $16.

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Fintie Milanese Loop Bands

Another stylish option that’s very popular these days is the Milanese loop bands. Made of a premium stainless steel mesh, these are great bands for those who wish to find a mix of something that’s both stylish and breathable.

The strap is held to your wrist with a magnetic clasp design that stays secure even when you’re active. Fintie offers five color styles for these bands, from standard black and silver designs to a rainbow-like style, rose gold, and a very stylish navy blue model.

These bands are priced between $11 and $15, depending on the color style you opt for.

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Acestar Stainless Steel / Milanese Loop (2-pack)

Having a hard time choosing between a stainless steel link band and a Milanese Loop band? Why choose when you can get both from Acestar in this great bundle.

This two-pack of bands are available in classic black, so they’ll blend right in with the Gear Sport itself and add a touch of class to any outfit. You don’t get the removal tools for the link band, so you may need to visit a jeweller if you don’t have the proper tools on hand.

Otherwise, getting two stylish stainless steel watch bands for your Gear Sport for just $22 is one heck of a deal.

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How do you accessorize your Gear Sport?

Do you own any of the replacement straps on our list? Got a recommendation that we missed? Let us know in the comments!

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May 15, 2018 at 06:06AM