Best Arlo Pro Mounts


Put your Arlo Pro camera anywhere with one of these fantastic mounting options.

Netgear’s Arlo Pro cameras are some of the best security monitoring cameras you can buy. They’re weatherproof, the battery lasts for months so you can place them without a cord if you like, and they’re built tough. We love them.

We also love that there is a great selection of accessories from Netgear and third parties that are actually useful! You’ll find a slew of mounting options, which makes deciding on which are best a little difficult. No worries, we have you covered. Here are the five best mounts for your Arlo Pro.

Dropcessories Table/Ceiling mount

Dropcessories’ Table and Ceiling Mount is both versatile and simple — two things that go great together. Using the same magnetic mounting method as the half-dome mounts from Netgear, these mounts will hold your Arlo Pro cameras in place indoors or out. They also solve the biggest problem the Netgear half-dome mounts can have — placement. By raising the ball away from the base you have more space and can position your camera to see more places.

Installation is simple; attach the mounts to any flat surface using the mounting holes and screws. For a less permanent option, the mount’s base is wide enough to use as a stand and your Arlo won’t tip over. A pair of these mounts cost about $17 and are a great solution for almost anywhere you need to put your Arlo.

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Smart Security Suction Cup Wall Mount

Sometimes drilling mounting holes isn’t an option. If you need to mount your Arlo Pro on a window or in your greenhouse or anywhere that’s glass, these suction cup wall mounts can be a lifesaver.

Available in black or white, these mounts offer 360-degree rotation and the ball mount gives w really wide tilt angle so you’ll be able to position your camera where and how you need it. And of course, the lever-action suction cup mounting mechanism means no tools are needed to install them!

You can grab a pair for $12.

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Skylety half-dome magnetic mounts in black

Want an easy mounting solution using the same half-dome magnetic mount that Netgear offers, but don’t want it to be shining white? These mounts have you covered.

They attach to any wall or ceiling using mounting holes and screws and your Arlo snaps in place and is easily adjustable. If you need to make your cameras a little less conspicuous, putting them on white mounts probably isn’t going to work. these are a simple solution and you can buy three of them for just $9.

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7-inch Magic Arm Mount

Positioning your Arlo is easy as long as you have a surface that’s relatively unobstructed. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case. If you need to do a little twisting and moving to get around the eaves of your house or a tree branch or anything else, these articulated mounts are just the ticket.

Using ball joints at the base, the camera attachment and in the middle of the arm these mounts can swivel and turn in almost any direction. Mounting is easy, mount the base using the included screws and attach the arm and your Arlo Pro camera. After you get everything positioned just how you need it, tighten the locking nut at each ball joint and you have a sturdy mount that puts your camera just where you need it.

You can pick one of these up for $19 and save a million dollars worth of headaches.

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Quadpod Mount

These reinforced silicone mounts may look a bit strange, but they can come in handy!

Mount your Arlo camera through the hole in one of the legs of the mount, and the bendable but sturdy material can shape the other three legs to wrap around just about anything. You can even use it as a tripod if you need a portable or less permanent mounting method. Using these mounts is quick and easy and they’re perfect if you need to put your Arlo somewhere that’s not flat.

Grab one in black or white for just $15.

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February 23, 2018 at 06:02AM