Best Accessories for the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 in 2018


These are the best accessories for the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

Did you or someone you know get a brand new Samsung Galaxy Note 8 to ring in the new year? It’s time to make sure you’re rocking the best accessories to get the most out of the Note 8 experience.

We’ll keep continuously updating this list throughout the release of the Note 8 and beyond to provide you with the best accessories, but here are the best that we’ve rounded up so far!

Samsung Alcantara case

Samsung is known to makes great cases for its phones, and arguably one of the best available for the Note 8 is the soft, colorful and really grippy Alcantara case.

Not only does it look great, but the suede-like material makes the slippery phone more comfortable to hold and adds a bit of friction, too. Easy to install and available in a nice variety of colors, this is a case that will keep your phone both protected and stylish — for about $20.

Need more convincing? Check out our hands-on review of the Alcantara.

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Best Cases for the Galaxy Note 8

Anker PowerCore II 20100mAh

The Note 8 has a bigger battery than most, but if you’re a heavy user you still might find yourself running out of juice before the end of the day. That could be an issue if your phone hits that low battery warning while you’re away from a wall outlet.

That’s what makes a battery pack such a clutch accessory, and specifically the Anker PowerCore II 201`00 which is both super functional and compact. Its slim enough to easily fit into a backpack or purse pocket while giving you the option to recharge your Note 8 from the brink multiple times with a fully charged pack. And since there are two USB-A charging ports, you’re able to simultaneously charge your phone and a friend’s phone, too, because sharing is caring.

Now available for just under $50, it’s an absolute steal and the most affordable way to ensure your phone never goes dead at an inopportune time.

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Samsung EVO Select 256GB microSD card

The Note 8 ships with 64GB of internal storage, but if that’s simply not enough for your needs you’ll be happy to know Samsung has included a microSD card slot — meaning you can add more storage for those 4K videos or whatever reason you need more storage.

Our recommendations for the Galaxy S8 should certainly apply to the Note 8 in a pinch, but if we had to recommend just one card, we’d go with Samsung’s own 256GB EVO Select microSD. Available for around $120 it ain’t cheap, but you get what you pay for — read speeds of up to 100MB/s, write speeds of up to 90MB/s, and Class 10 UHS 3 classification which ensures it’s good to go for 4K video.

There are other options available with the same speed specs available, but if you own a Galaxy Note 8 we imagine you live by the mantra "Go Big or Go Home."

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Spigen Wallet S

Spigen’s Wallet S is the ultimate in functional cases, packing protection for your phone and space for cards and cash. While it shares many of the same features as the other folio wallet cases, Spigen’s attention to the little details that makes this wallet case stand above the rest. Featuring card slots on the inside, a pocket for cash or receipts, and folds up to be a kickstand for hands-free viewing. One thoughtful feature you might appreciate is the cutout around the ear speaker on the front flap, which allows you to talk on the phone with the cover closed.

The exterior is made of synthetic leather and will keep your Note 8 well protected. It’s only available in classic black and features a magnetic strap to keep it closed. Get this premium-looking wallet case for just $16.

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Whitestone Dome Glass tempered glass screen protector

The Whitestone Dome Glass uses a special UV machine (included) and a liquid adhesive during installation that manages to achieve full-screen adhesion where other screen protectors might only adhere around the edges.

It’s a premium option all the way and is compatible with more rigid cases or ones that don’t touch the front glass at all. It goes on crystal clear and shouldn’t affect your touch sensitivity at all. Most importantly it’s tough enough to take the abuse of a drop so your phone’s screen doesn’t.

It’s a $45 accessory, but it comes with that little UV machine for installing it and is arguably your best bet if you’re serious about protecting your Note 8 above all else.

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Samsung Gear VR with new controller

If you’ve never tried Samsung Gear VR before, you’re in for a real treat. Samsung partnered up with Oculus to provide one of the best mobile VR experiences you’ll find with compelling games to play alone or with friends, tons of streaming video apps and VR exclusive experiences, along with its own functional social media platform.

The updated version for 2017 is compatible with the latest Samsung flagships, and Samsung has also included a new touch controller. It’s about the best virtual experience you’ll find without dropping thousands of dollars on a top of the line gaming PC, and is instead available for just $102. VR for all!

Everything you need to know about the Samsung Gear VR

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Samsung Gear S3 smartwatch

The Gear S3 is an amazing smartwatch with tons of features that naturally pairs nicely with the Galaxy Note 8. It doesn’t get as much love as other smartwatch options, but if you’re running it with Samsung’s latest smartphone, you’re going to get awesome features like Samsung Pay, which isn’t available on other devices.

Available for around $320, Samsung’s smartwatch is more than affordable and looks great with a long-lasting battery and awesome features. If you own the Note 8 and have been considering buying a new smartwatch, the Gear S3 is a perfect pairing.

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Samsung Fast Charge Wireless Convertible Charging Stand

Like the Samsung flagships that came before it, the Note 8 allows for wireless charging. Samsung’s own wireless charging pad is the first option you should consider. All you need to do is place your phone on the charging pad and it starts charging at Fast Charge speeds.

Need your phone to be accessible while you work? Flip up the stand and you’ve got a charging stand that lets you read incoming notifications or accept calls without interrupting your phone charging. You can get yours for around $47 on Amazon.

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Samsung Gear 360

The Gear 360 continues to be one of the most accessible and enjoyable 360-degree cameras on the market, and it works best with Samsung phones like the Note 8! It’s exactly what it sounds like: you hold it by the handle and capture completely 360-degree photos or video, seamlessly stitched together for upload on platforms like Facebook and Flickr.

You can still pick up your own Gear 360 for around $114 on Amazon. Check out our full review to learn more about how easy and fun it is to use this portable 360 camera.

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Samsung DeX Station

Samsung introduced DeX alongside the Galaxy S8, but it was prominently featured in the Note 8 announcement presentation, too. It’s a dock that you plug your phone into that lets you use it more like a desktop computer — all you need is a monitor, keyboard and mouse to complete the setup.

While Samsung likes to talk about DeX as if it’s a full replacement for carrying a laptop with you, we beg to differ — it’s something different entirely, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t useful. If you love the novelty of using your phone as a computer and like being on the cutting edge you’ll probably want a DeX Station for your Note 8. You can grab it for around $75 from Amazon — about $25 cheaper than buying straight from Samsung.

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B&O Play H4 Bluetooth headphones

Bang and Olufsen make some of the best headphones I’ve ever heard in my life. They have a very well-rounded sound, with a present but not overpower low end and crisp and clear mids and highs. There’s also no distortion at high volumes, and the noise isolation might be the best I’ve ever encountered. You pop these on and you’re off in your own world of wondrous sound. They also have next to no sound leakage, so you can crank up your tunes, and the people around you won’t hear a thing.

The best part is that these are Bluetooth, so you can futureproof yourself for when Samsung inevitably removes the headphone jack. At $240 on Amazon, these headphones are over $100 cheaper than the Bose QC35s, and if you don’t need active noise cancellation, then these are the perfect pick.

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Bose SoundLink Revolve Bluetooth speaker

If you’re looking for a portable music solution that isn’t headphones, then the Bose SoundLink Revolve is the perfect way to enjoy all the tunes on your Note 8. I’ve tested and owned many Bluetooth speakers over the years, and none of them have even come close to the incredible sound of the SoundLink Revolve. No distortion at high volumes, rich, warm bass, and honestly loud enough to be your home sound system.

The 360-degree design really does help fill a room with sound, or you can take it with you on the road, know that its IPX4 water resistance rating can protect it from a little rain and splash here and there. At $200, this is about as good as it gets for portable Bluetooth speakers, and the price isn’t too hard to swallow when you consider the competition in that range. Comes in black or gray.

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Which accessories are you buying?

We know the hype is real for the Note 8, and many of you may have already started picking up accessories for your new device. We want to know what you got, or what you want! Let us know in the comments.

Updated April 2018: Updated pricing, swapped in the newer Anker PowerCore II battery pack, and added the B&O Play H4 Bluetooth headphones and Bose SoundLink Revolve Bluetooth speaker.

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