Become a Salesforce wizard with this certification bundle 96% off


SalesforceSalesforce might sound like a terrible misstep in the Marvel franchise, but it’s actually the world’s leading customer relationship management tool, and a lucrative train to jump on.

Reason enough for us to highlight a great offer on The Essential Salesforce Certification Training Bundle. Not only does it make you a Salesforce wizard, it also gets you fully prepped for three certification exams.

Great… So what’s Salesforce again?

Salesforce is a business platform based on putting all aspects of a company into a cloud ‘ecosystem’. It isn’t just storage, it’s a whole user interface linking sales, marketing, services, customer support, etc. Any employee can interact with customers from any device with an internet connection.

Every aspect of business becomes more streamlined, effective and efficient. The company can be run from a smartphone. It’s how business should be done really, which is why certification is coveted in the industry.


So it’s a business thing?

If it still sounds a little conceptual, don’t worry. The skills are there to be learnt, and they’re worth learning. A seemingly endless list of household names have Salesforce at the core of their business, including Unilever, the Financial Times, Barclays, Eurostar, Electronic Arts and Philips.

The thing is, given the widespread use of this platform, it’s surprising how few people are trained and certified to use it. There’s a real shortage of Salesforce talent in the market, so by becoming certified you can open doors to some real opportunities.

There are three learning kits in the bundle, each one is a comprehensive study package built to prepare you for a Salesforce certification exam. Each contains 9-12 hours of training and two simulated exams, so you’re more than ready to take on the real thing.

The Salesforce bundle at a glance:

  • Salesforce Certified Administrator Certification Training – $399 Value.
  • Salesforce Certified Advanced Administrator Certification Course – $399 Value.
  • Salesforce Certified Platform App Builder Course – $399 Value.

$1,200 might be the corporate asking price, but for the next few days you can enroll for just $39. The clock is ticking. No catches, no elephant traps, just one year of access to Salesforce training material from the experts.

If you like the look of this opportunity, hit the button below to get the deal.

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June 19, 2018 at 11:55AM