Aura home security system makes monitoring simpler


We can say security cameras at home are now a necessity but whether you admit it or not, they give that weird feeling of privacy invasion. Oftentimes, homeowners forget they have cameras. Such system isn’t always secure. It can be hacked if you’re not careful but good thing there’s the likes of the Aura that only activates whenever you really need it.

Aura looks into the wireless activity in the surroundings and not just on light or heat in a room. It uses machine learning so the camera really knows that a real person is present.

The Aura system includes a camera and a sensor in the home with a video data that can be streamed and hosted on a server. It’s cloud-based so your data are “up in the clouds”. What’s good about this is the WiFi Motion that actually looks into the wireless signal disruption whenever a person moves. The system is developed by Cognitive Systems with the idea it will be good to help track the movement of older people for elderly care.

Aura can be integrated with IFTTT so you can set automatic actions depending on your need. Did someone get inside your home? Then turn on the lights or a smart speaker. This is simply a remote guard that also delivers pet mode (still in beta).

The Aura starter kit (single beacon and hub) is available for $199. You can use up to three more beacons at $99 each.

Download Aura Home Monitoring from the Google Play Store


via Android Community

November 15, 2017 at 06:21PM