Atlas 4K detachable Chromebook tablet in the works


More detachable Chromebooks are coming your way. After the launch of the HP Chromebook x2 as the first detachable Chrome OS laptop-Android tablet, we might see another one from the Chromium OS team. No information on the final and official name yet but a secret device is codenamed ‘Atlas’. Nothing much is known but we heard it will boast a 3840 x 2160 resolution which is high for a portable display. We’re assuming this one will look more like the newly announced Chromebook x2 from HP.

This Atlas is assumed to be like to the HP Chromebook x2 because of the similarities in the software image and files. There is no further confirmation but it is interesting to think that another device with a detachable display may be introduced soon. Our guess is that these “detachables” will be known as a different and new category since they will run both Chrome OS and Android.

Running two platforms in one device isn’t exactly new but we can see the progress in technology becomes more useful to most mobile consumers. If you need to do more serious work that may require typing, use the Chrome OS platform and work with a keyboard. If you only need to check some apps, email, or social media pages, you can use the tablet form running Android.

This ‘Atlas’ Chromebook-tablet appears to have a 4K screen. That is very high for a simple tablet but that is an important advancement in the tablet game.

VIA: About Chromebooks

via Android Community

April 12, 2018 at 08:01AM