Are you getting your Galaxy Note 9 unlocked or through a carrier?


Either way, you’re still spending a lot of money.

So, you’ve decided that you want to buy Samsung’s new Galaxy Note 9. Hooray! The Note 9 is an insanely powerful phone that’s packed to the gills with more features and specs than you could ask for.

The Note 9’s $999.99 starting price, however, can be a roadblock for many potential buyers. You can purchase the phone unlocked and not have to mess with any carriers in the process, but it also means you’ve got to spend that full price upfront. Alternatively, you can put up with the regular carrier B.S. and pay for the Note 9 month-to-month as to not put so much strain on your wallet.

Some of our AC forum users have been talking about which route they’ve taken with their Note 9 purchases, and here’s what they’ve had to say:

08-15-2018 05:36 PM

I currently use a factory unlocked note 8 on sprint. I preordered the factory unlocked note 9 128 gb and will use on sprint too. I love the unlocked version. No silly sprint apps that are wasteful and cdont apply to me. I load what I want on it. I can move it to another carrier if I choose.


08-15-2018 06:15 PM

I have an unlocked s9+ that I use with Verizon everything works just fine, with the exception of wifi calling. visual voicemail VOlte etc all work. I have the unlocked note 9 on pre order.


Blues Fan
08-16-2018 08:40 AM

I went with unlocked because I’m on tmobile and hopefully gets me better resale and trade in value being unlocked. I don’t have to worry about missing wifi calling. One thing to note is when I bought the unlocked V20 and loaded up my SIM card it downloaded the Tmobile bloat apps.


08-15-2018 06:27 PM

I’m currently using note 8 unlocked on att. ordered note 9 ATT. on unlocked , at least with att, you lose HD calling, wifi calling visual voicemail and enhanced messages. to me the HD calling is most relevant as there is a noticeable quality difference and I spend lots of time on calls. I’m happy with att and no plans to change. I will disable the att bloatware. security updates have been much…


What about you? Are you getting the Note 9 unlocked or through a carrier?

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August 17, 2018 at 03:41AM