Apps to help you get out of bed when you really don’t want to


Waking up in the morning (or when you need to) is probably one of the hardest things to do, especially if you’re not a morning person or when you are usually up late the night before, whether it’s partying or working or reading a book. And while we usually rely on either an actual alarm clock or your smartphone’s default alarm, sometimes desperate times call for desperate measures. Fortunately, there’s always an app for anything that you need. And here are some of the best and sometimes most extreme alarm apps that can help you really get up when you need to.

Alarm Clock Xtreme

The name of the app makes you think you’d have to perform cartwheels or something just so it can get you to wake up. But actually this is one of the “milder” or simpler ones that you can get. Aside from being able to customize the alarm tone with your favorite or random music, this app offers a few other things. You can let it increase in volume or build to a crescendo to make sure you really wake up. Or you can also set it up so you would need to solve math problems if you want to turn it off. If that doesn’t get you up already, we don’t know what will (don’t worry we have more suggestions). If the snooze button is your biggest frenemy, you can set a maximum number of snoozes and also use an extra-large snooze button.

I Can’t Wake Up Alarm Clock

The app’s name is probably one of our biggest complaints in life. And so it wants to help you get your mind (and even body) stimulated enough before it turns off the alarm. You can choose from the eight tasks that it has available which includes doing some math equations too, playing a memory game, setting tiles in their correct order, repeating a click sequence shown in the app, getting up and scanning a barcode located outside of your bedroom, rewrite randomly generated text, match and connect word pairs, and shaking your phone until you feel awake.

Timely Alarm Clock

If you have more than one device that you set alarms on, it can be a pain to individually set them up of course. But this app, aside from being really good looking, lets you connect your devices and manage, dismiss, and snooze them all at once. It may probably defeat the purpose of having alarms in multiple devices, but at least you can manage them conveniently. It also has some challenges that you can do to make sure you’re really awake before you dismiss your clock. And if you’re concerned with aesthetics, the app has a lot of customization options like color themes, animations, etc.

Alarmy (Sleep if you can)

It proudly boasts that it’s been dubbed as “the world’s most annoying alarm clock” since you probably need something like that to really get out of bed. Its most popular feature is called the “photo mode” which forces you to get up, take a picture of a registered place somewhere in your house, before you can turn off the alarm. By that time, it assumes you’re probably awake enough and it’s done its job. There’s also the simpler “shake mode” and of course, the by now common solve a math problem mode.

Walk me up alarm clock

This is another app that uses physical stimulus to get you awake. You can set a certain number of steps that you will need to take before you can dismiss an alarm. And by the time you finish walking, well, you probably will be too awake to go back to bed and sleep again. It even has an “evil mode” that disables the snooze button so you really have no choice but to get up and walk (or bear with the alarm).

Snap Me Up: Selfie Alarm Clock

This app can also serve as your “woke up like this” and “omg i can’t believe I dream that” photo and video diary. How it works is pretty simple. When the alarm rings, it will open up the camera for you. You will then have to take a selfie or take a video in order to dismiss the alarm. You can use the video feature to talk about important stuff that happened the night before or a weird dream that you just had. It will be saved in your phone’s gallery and you have the option to share it with you friends.


If games and Kpop culture are more your thing, then this is the alarm for you. You will have to finish a game in order to dismiss the alarm, which should be pretty enjoyable or annoying, depending on how you feel about games or alarms or mornings. You can also choose from among several Kpop celebrities to wake you up. Oh the things we need to do just to get out of bed.

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May 4, 2018 at 01:57AM