Appfour releases six new GPS-related apps for Wear OS


While your Wear OS smartwatch probably has several GPS-related features already built into it, sometimes you need a more robust functionality to these important functionalities. Appfour is one of the most prolific of the developers on this platform, even when it was still called Android Wear back in the day (and we mean just last year). Now they’re releasing six new utility apps to make your smartwatch even more useful: Altimeter, Compass, GPS Tracker, Speedometer, Stopwatch, plus a whole all-in-one app called Instruments for Wear OS.

Well, you probably would want to just install the all-in-one app if you want to use all those apps anyway. But at least users also have the option to just install the app individually or just whichever app you really need. Each of the apps can act as a regular app or as a watchface or as a complication for other watchfaces. All of them also have unit selection for settings and even some bonus features. The apps are also free but if you want more additional features, there are also some in-app features available.

The Altimeter lets you have a precise barometric altimeter app that lets you view your current altitude and vertical speed. You can even view and share your altimeter recordings. The Compass app shows the magnetic and true direction when you’re out in the open as well as the current sun and moon direction, directions, and times for rising and setting.

The GPS Tracker lets you view your track on a map and share it with whomever you need to share it to. You can also view speed and altitude graphs for your recorded tracks. The Speedometer app lets you view your current speed on your watch and view the speed recording graph and share it with others as well. The Stopwatch app lets you view and share recently stopped times and of course do all the things that stopwatches are supposed to do.

Lastly, if you want all of them on your smartwatch anyway, you can just get the Instruments for Wear OS app. The app and watchface integrates them all into one interface. You can download all of these apps we talked about from the Google Play Store for free.

via Android Community

September 17, 2018 at 07:36PM