Android P’s Shush feature lets you turn your phone over to shut it up


As part of its effort to make you more away of your “digital wellbeing,” Google updated Do Not Disturb for Android P to make it harder to check those pesky notifications.

First up is Wind Down, an automatic Do Not Disturb mode that switches on Night Light when it gets dark. Once it is your bedtime, the new mode takes away all of your display’s pretty colors and turns the display to grayscale. The shift should make things as lifeless as possible, which should then make things more difficult for folks to use their phones for an extended period of time.

Next up is an update to Do Not Disturb itself, which now silences any visual interruption, in addition to phone calls and notifications.

Finally, Shush is a new gesture that lets you turn your phone screen-down on a flat surface and automatically enable Do Not Disturb. You can still choose certain contacts to still get messages and notifications from, even if your phone is in Do Not Disturb mode.

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All of this is part of Google’s new Digital Wellbeing initiative, which makes you aware of the balance between technology use and your life. Whether the initiative goes over well with consumers remains to be seen, but it should somewhat quell the growing chorus of voices that call for companies like Google to address smartphone addiction.

You can test out the new Do Not Disturb features in the Android P beta, which is available for a slew of flagship devices from various manufacturers.

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May 8, 2018 at 10:35AM