Android Go Pixel Launcher available for low-end, low RAM phones


App launchers are a dime a dozen but only a few can be trusted. We like Action Launcher and the Nova Launcher, as well as, the Pixel Launcher. The latter is developed by Google for the Pixel devices but it’s also available for non-Pixel Android phones. We’ve been saying an updated version of the launcher may be ready on the next-gen Pixel 3. That is still far from happening but note there is the Rootless Pixel Launcher bringing a number of changes. We don’t want to miss this but there are several optimizations for Android Go.

Pixel Launcher for Android Go is ideal for those devices with low RAM. If you want the Pixel Launcher on your budget-friendly, low-end phones, you may want to try the Android Go version of the Google Pixel Launcher. Expect some notable features like that 4×4 desktop grid. Notification dots and widget support are disabled on this launcher but the standards are there such as home screen rotation, changing the icon shape, At A Glance widget, and the Google Feed panel. You can also change the icon pack on this version.

The Android Go version of the Pixel Launcher is light and only uses a portion of the RAM. Test the Android Go Pixel Launcher on your own and see for yourself. Download the launcher from Github.

VIA: XDA Developer

via Android Community

April 5, 2018 at 01:06PM