Android 9 Pie beta available now for Samsung Galaxy Note 8


Although Samsung has yet to initiate a full global rollout of stable Android 9 Pie to any of its devices yet, several phones should receive it by the end of January or February. As one would expect, those devices are the latest and greatest from Samsung like the Samsung Galaxy S9/S9 Plus and Galaxy Note 9.

However, if you own the older Samsung Galaxy Note 8, you’re not going to be left out in the cold. As of today, the beta version of Android 9 Pie is available for Note 8 owners who are ready to take on a little risk in order to get some tasty Pie goodness (via 9to5Google).

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Since the beta of Android 9 Pie is rolling out now to the Note 8, we can expect a stable version to launch in a few months. Samsung’s roadmap lists the Note 8 as receiving a stable Pie update in February. While that seems unlikely, its totally plausible — but March 2019 might be a safer bet.

Regardless, it’s pretty easy to get the beta version of Pie on your Galaxy Note 8. Simply open the Samsung Members app and accept the invitation into the beta program. Once you are in, you’ll receive an OTA with the beta version of Android 9 Pie with the firmware version N950FXXU5ZSA5. The software is about 1.8GB in size, and likely will have more than a few bugs and problems (it is a beta, after all).

As with the beta launches for the Note 9 and Galaxy S9, Samsung’s Pie software is skinned over with its brand new One UI. You can read more about how One UI changes the Android experience here, or click here to read our review of what the software is like.

If you have a Note 8 and enter the beta program, let us know how you fare in the comments below.

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January 15, 2019 at 06:01AM