An alpha version of the Tor browser just hit the Google Play Store


The Tor browser logo with purple lettering and an onion in place of the "o."

  • There is now a Tor Android browser listed on the Google Play Store.
  • The Tor Android browser is still in alpha, so there will be bugs and missing features.
  • Connecting to the Tor network on Android right now is fairly complicated, but a standalone Play Store listing will (eventually) make things much easier.

The privacy-focused Tor browser is fairly well-known as the best way to connect to the internet while avoiding ad trackers and blocking your identity around the Web. It’s also one of the suggested tools to use when searching for things on darknets.

Now, there’s a brand new listing of a Tor Android browser on the Google Play Store. The listing was created by the Tor Project, so this is an official version of the software.

However, the Tor Android browser is currently in alpha, which means it will likely feature a lot of bugs and will be missing certain features. It’s also still not a standalone affair; to use the Tor Android browser to connect to the Tor network, you will also need to use the Orbot proxy app.

If you’re confused by this, here’s what you need to do to connect to the Tor network on Android right now without the use of this official Tor Android app:

  • Install Orbot and create a proxy connection on your Android device
  • Install an unofficial version of the Tor browser from the Guardian Project


  • Use Orfox to connect to the Tor network without using a Tor browser

With the official Tor browser listed on the Google Play Store, you will still need to perform the first step. However, the Tor Project says that eventually, Orbot’s functionality will get baked-in to the Tor Android app, eliminating the need to have two apps.

If you want to give the Tor browser a shot on your Android device, click the button below. We’ll update this article when the app enters beta and then eventually update it when it goes stable.

via Android Authority

September 7, 2018 at 09:36AM