Amazon may have accidentally confirmed Samsung’s Wireless Charger Duo


We may have gotten actual confirmation that the rumored Wireless Charger Duo that is expected to be announced with the Samsung Galaxy Note 9. However, it probably wasn’t intentional but rather a mistake that someone from Amazon made. During a press preview event, one unit of the unannounced product was on display and was spotted by someone from Gizmodo. Even though it was labeled as the Samsung Qi Pad, if you’re familiar with the leaked images of the supposed dual wireless charger, then you’ll know it’s something different.

The Amazon holiday press preview had several hundreds of products on display, but when the reporter asked the employees manning the area about the wireless charger, they didn’t seem to know anything about it. This may mean that someone just mistakenly put the wrong charging pad on display. The QR code displayed leads to a wireless charger but not the one that was displayed.

From what the reporter could see, there were two wireless charging pads with just single USB-C input at the back to power both. There were also two indicator lights that showed you the charging status of the wireless pads. The device didn’t have any branding but underneath the charger, there was a Samsung logo together with the power specs. There was also a flat charger on the other side of the pad, which may confirm that it will indeed be for the Gear smartwatch as rumored.

Further confirming that this may have just been an accidental display, when the reporter tried to charge his device, it only turned green for a bit, charged his Galaxy S8 for a while, and then went back to red. If this were an actual display, they should have charged it fully or something.

The Wireless Charger Duo was spotted last month and is expected to be announced when the Galaxy Note 8 is unveiled on August 9. One of the pads will supposed stand at an angle while the other one will stay horizontal. It already reportedly started selling in Russia, so it’s not really a top secret but Amazon may have just pre-empted the official announcement.

VIA: Gizmodo

via Android Community

August 3, 2018 at 03:03AM