Amazon Cloud Cam vs. Netgear Arlo Q: Which should you buy?


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Arlo Q

Smarter Plans

$132 at Amazon


  • Includes free 7-day recording
  • Robust features & app
  • Plays nicely with other services


  • Long wake time and laggy video
  • Plan required for zones & person detection

While most of the features are on par with the Cloud Cam, Arlo offers much better "smart" plans at much better prices, saving you a bunch in the long run.

Cloud Cam

All-in with Amazon

$119 at Amazon


  • Integrates well with other Amazon devices
  • Extremely simple to setup & use
  • Zone & person detection (with paid plan)


  • Expensive paid tiers
  • App lacks extended features of other devices

It’s a great product that won’t break the bank, but unless you’re all-in with Amazon, the lack of features and pricey plans just don’t cut it.

I Spy

Choosing a cloud-connected camera is difficult because there are so many options, but Arlo’s combination of price and features takes the cake. While Amazon’s offering is super simple to use, the paid tiers and the feature-lacking mobile app just aren’t on par.

Arlo Q Cloud Cam
Resolution 1080p 15fps 1080p 30fps
Night vision 10 IR LED 8 IR LED
Field of view 130° 120°
Two-way salk Yes Yes
Free storage 7 days 24 hours

When it comes down to the details, the Arlo Q pulls ahead of the Amazon Cloud Cam in a few key areas. While the price of Amazon’s offering is an enticing sweet spot for entry-level smarthomers, you’ll still end up paying more in the long-term for additional features like zones, person detection, and more than 24 hours of storage. The Arlo Q gains big points here as it includes 7 days of storage as well as support for up to 5 cameras on the free plan.

Two-way talk, a selling feature of both the Cloud Cam and Arlo Q, is a non-starter for either device. Let’s face it, having a conversation on any smart camera system isn’t the greatest thanks to the poor sound quality and terrible microphones, and these two devices are no exception.

Paid Tiers

Arlo’s Smart plans offer zones, person detection, and enhanced notifications. The plan can be added on a per-camera basis or for up to 20 devices — and still comes at a cheaper monthly cost than Amazon’s plans. You’ll pony up more for the Arlo Q up front, but save big when it comes to features (should you even choose to use them). Amazon tiers start for 3 or fewer cameras and only go up from there — at almost double the cost of Arlo.

You’ll pony up more for the Arlo Q up front, but save big when it comes to features.

If you’re already deep into the Amazon ecosystem, you’ll get along just fine with the Cloud Cam. It’s an amazing value and couldn’t be simpler to set up. It works magically with the Fire TV and Echo Show by simply saying "Alexa, show me the bedroom" — where your live feed appears almost instantly. Both the mobile app and web portal offer live viewing options as well. The downside is that you’ll have to pay to use the extended features. The lowest plan covers just 3 cameras — so going up to 5 devices or more tacks on quite a bit over the course of a year. More bonus points go to the Arlo Q here as it also integrates deeply with services like Alexa, Fire TV, Google Assistant, SmartThings, IFTTT and more.

Get Smarter

When you start outfitting your smart home with more and more devices, cost really matters. Not just the initial purchase, but the cost of ongoing subscriptions and fees for all of those devices. While the Amazon Cloud Cam is a great value and has plenty to offer, the Arlo Q is our pick due to its better features, deeper integrations, and cheaper long-term pricing.

Arlo Q

Smarter Camera

Smarter plans for smarter savings.

$132 at Amazon

The Arlo Q has mostly the same features as the Cloud Cam, but the plans are much cheaper. The mobile app also offers more robust features.

Amazon Cloud Cam

Pricey Plans

$119 at Amazon

Expensive plans are a turn off.

If you’re already deep into the Amazon ecosystem, the Cloud Cam is a great addition. However, the expensive plans for additional features can really add up over time.

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October 20, 2018 at 12:25PM