Allo may soon be backed up in the cloud for “independent” use


Even though Google seems to be pushing its users to use Allo as their official messaging app, using it across devices is not that convenient yet. They did release a web version but in order for it to work, your mobile app has to be open and nearby. It looks like they’re working on a more independent way of accessing the app if you’re on your laptop or computer. At least, this is according to Google principal engineer Justin Uberti.

A few days ago, he replied to someone on Twitter asking if they had any plans of having Allo on the cloud. The user must have been tired of always having to keep the app open on his phone even while using it on the desktop. The good news is that Uberti confirmed that they were currently in the process of migrating the backend system so the messaging app will be able to fully support devices independent of each other.

However, what we don’t know right now is if the chat system will still be tied to your phone number as it is right now or if there will be another type of authentication process so it will really be independent. Also, there’s no timetable yet as to when this will happen. Even though Uberti does work in Google (he’s the creator/lead engineer for Duo), that’s of course not the official statement yet from the company.

For now, if you want to use Allo on your desktop, you will still have to do the usual thing of authenticating it from your phone and then keeping the app open the entire time you’re using it. Hopefully the cloud backup will be coming sooner rather than later.

SOURCE: @juberti

via Android Community

March 13, 2018 at 11:36AM