Alexa to get a more human-sounding voice soon, Superbowl ad released


We’re still a few days away from SuperBowl LII and all the major ads from brands that will be released that day, but Amazon can’t wait to show you its Alexa commercial apparently. They teased a bit that something was going on with their voice digital assistant and now we finally know what it is: Alexa is getting a new voice. We only get a brief listen to it but it already sounds more human-like than the robotic original version.

But before we get to listen to her new voice, we go through a whole 90 seconds of other popular personalities trying to substitute for Alexa after she apparently loses her voice. We get Gordon Ramsay belittling a guy for not knowing how to make grilled cheese. You also have Cardi B singing her hit “Bodak Yellow” when someone requests for country music. You have Rebel Wilson dirtying it up when someone asks for “mood music”. And probably the funniest of the bunch, Anthony Hopkins channels his inner Hannibal Lecter when a woman asks Alexa to call Brandon and gives a creepy response, complete with peacocks.

The real Alexa finally shows up and tells everyone she’ll take it from there. And it sounds like her new voice is so much more like a real person than her previous one. It will be an advantage for Amazon over its competitors like Siri and Google Assistant, especially if people would prefer to talk with a normal sounding person rather than a robot. Of course, it still matters which smart speaker and which ecosystem you prefer to have in your home.

The ad will show up during the Super Bowl TV coverage on February 4, but there’s no news yet when Alexa and her new voice will actually show up. Meanwhile, you can already watch the ad here.

VIA: SlashGear

via Android Community

February 1, 2018 at 05:11PM