Alexa Android mobile app receives voice support


No doubt Alexa is the Google Assistant’s closest rival. We could also say there is Siri but Apple’s intelligent personal assistant isn’t so smart after all. Not even Bixby is worthy to be compared with what Google offers. As for Alexa, ever since its launch in 2014, it has made its way to being widespread, thanks to numerous product and service integrations. It was introduced to rival the other voice assistants and was soon being made compatible with other smart products like those from Wink, Nest, Logitech, and August Home among others.

More smart gadgets, wearables, and streaming services were connected with Alexa. Amazon’s smart assistant continues to bring thousands of smart skills but with limits on some devices. A new update brings some changes that will make Android 4.4 devices more powerful with Alexa. The mobile app has received voice interaction support and this particular update also adds support for a remote control for connected home gadgets.

With the updated app, you can simply click on the Alexa button and quickly ask the device questions you want to ask. Perhaps someday, tapping on a button before asking Alexa will no longer be needed. For now, the device needs to accurately know it’s Alexa you want to talk to so press that button before Alexa can hear you.

VIA: SlashGear

via Android Community

January 21, 2018 at 07:02PM