Adiantum by Google allows encryption for all smart devices, Android phones


In celebration of Safer Internet Day, Google is improving mobile security. Any move to improve in this area is welcomed by consumers especially if it’s from the tech giant. The Android development team has made some changes to this field by launching Adiantum as a new encryption form that can run on smartphones and other smart devices. The goal of this encryption is to allow hardware with no encryption to be protected and work with efficiency. Digital security is the focus of Adiantum so encoding data is guaranteed safe and private all the time.

Adiantum lets the mobile user completely control his device and store personal and sensitive data securely. It can be slow at times but the new encryption makes it faster and more reliable.

With Adiantum, it doesn’t need any special hardware to perform efficiently. The long-term result is a generation of devices and gadgets that are more secure to use. Encrypting sensitive data will no longer be a problem too.

Safety is key but it’s not really enjoyed by everyone. They may have been misses and mishaps in the past but they can still be corrected.

Google hopes Adiantum will “democratize encryption for all devices”. Safety and security must always be one of the main goals of OEMs and phone makers when designing a new phone or smart product. Every gadget must be worth the people’s money and one effective way to do that is to ensure security and privacy all the time.

SOURCE: The Keyword (Google)

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February 7, 2019 at 10:01PM