Action Launcher Beta updates, brings Android 8.1 features


Action Launcher is one of the best choices for an alternative launcher on your device if only for the fact that its owner and developer – Chris Lacy – is very much committed to bringing regular updates to the app. This way, he is able to keep Action Launcher on the leading edge of features, and is even able to bring Android Oreo’s newer features to devices with older Android versions. But if you really want to live on the bleeding edge, the Action Launcher Beta is where you should be at.

Lacy has updated the Action Launcher Beta to version 34.0-beta1, and as always, it will be bringing some new features. The latest and greatest Android version is Android 8.1 Oreo, and there are small details and nuanced changes in the way it does folder animations and visuals. The update to Action Launcher Beta will already feature these visuals, including dynamic open/close animations and adaptive icon drag animations.

The update will also bring new appearances of the Calendar adaptive icon, so you can choose which style is more apt to the current visual theme of your device. Lacy has also reduced the app boot time, which means your device will start up a bit faster, even when using Action Launcher Beta.

If you’re already using Action Launcher Beta and living your launcher life on the bleeding edge, this update should arrive OTA for you. If you want to give Action Launcher Beta a try, check out the beta listing at the Play Store.

SOURCE: +ChrisLacy

via Android Community

February 1, 2018 at 02:52AM