Action Launcher adds Adaptive Zoom feature for icons


We have always been happy with how Chris Lacy has developed Action Launcher. Now it has become one of the top Android launchers in the Play Store, and it has so much features embedded that it would blow your mind. But never mind that, because Lacy is adding another feature to Action Launcher, and it’s called Adaptive Zoom.

Starting from Action Launcher version 33, the launcher will have the new Adaptive Zoom feature for adaptive icons. We’ve talked about adaptive icons and how Action Launcher has brought this Android Oreo feature to the rest of the masses that don’t have Oreo yet. What Adaptive Zoom does is that the icon naturally animates toward the center of the screen when you tap it. You may need some visuals to go with that explanation, so see below.

The adaptive icons feature of Oreo has allowed developers to play around with how icons are animated and rendered – and Action Launcher has taken this feature and ran with it, resulting in a lot of great stuff for Action Launcher users. The Adaptive Zoom feature seems like a small feature for a launcher, but it just adds to the premium feel of Action Launcher as a whole.

If you have the paid version of Action Launcher, this feature should arrive for you as an update to version 33. If you haven’t tried Action Launcher yet, maybe now is the time to get started.

SOURCE: Action Launcher

via Android Community

January 15, 2018 at 12:02AM