3 Great Third Party Wireless Charging Docks for Samsung Gear S3


Keep your Gear S3 charged at home, at the office, and wherever your travels take you!

The Samsung Gear S3 is still one of the best smartwatches you can buy in 2018.

If you own one you may have bought a couple of stylish bands to swap out your style. Another important accessory you should consider is an extra charging dock or two so you can keep your watch topped up while you’re working at your desk, or keep one out at the cabin so there’s no chance of forgetting it at home.

You can get an official one from Samsung but for $45 it’s a bit pricey. Fortunately, there are some pretty great third-party chargers available for a fraction of the cost.


We’ll start off with this popular option from BeneStellar. This is the same cradle design as the Samsung charging port and features PTC protection to protect your device from overcurrent faults and features an LED indicator so know at a glance that your watch is charging.

This product includes a three-foot Micro-USB cable for supplying power and is backed by an 18-month warranty with hassle-free replacement or money back options available.

Get yours for just $11 on Amazon.

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LoveBlue Charging Stand w/ USB ports

Looking for something for your desk at work that adds a bit more utility than a standalone smartwatch cradle? This charging stand from LoveBlue is right for you.

Rather than copying the exact design of Samsung’s charger, this one adds a conductive dock for charging your Gear S3 on top of a three-port USB hub. This is great if you hate cluttering your desk with accessories that only serve one of your devices. With this hub, you can keep your phone, tablet, Bluetooth speaker — whatever you need — while also charging your Gear S3. Just be aware that the lack of overheat protection means you’ll want to use this device in an air-conditioned environment.

Available for $25, this is the perfect charging dock for any Gear S3 power user.

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YiJiYi Wireless Charging Dock (2-pack)

Need multiple charging docks but don’t want to spend a ton of money? Check out this two-pack of charging docks for just $14. Sounds too good to be true?

These chargers include built-in magnetic attachment to keep your watch connected to the charging dock and also includes anti-slip pads. Some reviewers have complained that you really get what you pay for here (at just $7 each compared to $45 for the Samsung one). But it’s backed by a one-year warranty so if you aren’t impressed by the value you can reach out to customer service.

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How often do you need to charge your Gear S3?

The biggest drawback to a smartwatch is when it dies and you can’t even check the time, let alone all the other cool functions these can do. Have you dealt with low-battery anxiety with your Gear S3?

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June 25, 2018 at 06:01AM