10 Biggest Announcements at Google IO 2018


NOTE: This post will be continually updated to rank the biggest announcements from Google IO 2018 as they occur!…refresh often!

We made our Google IO 2018 predictions but the time has come for Google to make things officially official. Here are the biggest announcements from the event, updated by the minute, as they happen.


Google Murders Siri

Google just murdered Apple’s Siri in their latest Google Assistant demonstration. Google Duplex’s ability to use and recognize natural language may just be the most impressive demonstration out of Google IO 2018. The example Google showed off live had Google Assistant book a hair salon appointment all by itself… and it was flawless.

Siri is dead. There’s no catching up.

6 New Google Assistant Voices

Google is adding 6 new voices to Google Assistant, including John Legend’s voice, which is coming later this year.

3 “Okay Google” Updates

A few big updates to Google Assistant will improve your “Okay Google ” experience:

  • Continued Conversation – Google Assistant is making conversations more natural by removing the need to say “ok google” or “hey google” every time for every follow up query. This new feature is called Continued Conversation and it’s coming later this year.
  • Multiple Actions – let’s you string together multiple commands in one sentence. The example provided was “Turn on the Warriors game and start the popcorn maker”
  • Pretty Please – Google is improving Assistant family experiences by adding a new ‘pretty please’ option allowing positive experiences for children or anyone that needs a little ray of sunshine in their daily routine.

Smart Displays with YouTube TV

Coming in July are a bunch of Smart Displays – similar to the Amazon Echo Show – which will include both YouTube and YouTube TV support. We’re guessing Amazon’s products won’t get the same treatment. Wink wink. Nudge. Nudge.

Shown on screen were smart displays from JBL, Lenovo, and LG.

Gmail Smart Compose

There’s a new feature for GMail that will auto-complete your sentences using machine learning. All you need to do is hit tab and Google’s AI will autocomplete your sentence for you, adding things like names, phone numbers, and addresses with ease. Google’s new Smart Compose will roll out to all users later this month.

Google Photos: Smart Solutions

A new feature in Google Photos will suggest solutions inline while viewing photos, allowing users to easily complete small tasks that will greatly improve their experience. Sharing photos, fixing exposure, converting photos to PDFs, popping color, and colorizing photos are some of the examples shown off.

Google News gets personal

Google has a new experience for Google News, personalizing news just for you, assembling the things you need to know about. The more you use Google News, the better it gets. The new Google News also includes something called Newscasts. These provide short previews of content, giving you an easy way to get started with your news.

Another new feature, dubbed “Subscribe with Google”, allows you to use your Google account to access your paid content everywhere from Google’s own products to publisher’s sites too. Shown off in the demo: The Washington Post. This allows you easily access high quality information that you care about with no hassle. This is rolling out in 127 countries today on Android, iOS, and web.

Cheeseburger and Beer Emojis: Fixed!

Sundar opened the Google IO 2018 Keynote on a light note, saying he was happy to announce that the cheeseburger and beer emojis have been fixed. What were the designers of the beer emoji thinking? No clue.

Other notes and announcements

  • Over 7,000 people at Google IO 2018
  • Google AI: opening AI centers around the world. AI will transform healthcare, such as diabetic retinopathy. AI systems offer more insight to look for things humans generally might miss or don’t look for.
  • Google AI: AI can make accessibility better such as improving experiences for those that are hearing impaired by using audio and visual queues to clean up closed captioning.
  • Gboard now supports Morse Code, available in beta later today.
  • Improved Google Assistant News Feed – Google Assistant is getting more visually assistive, move interactive, immersive, and proactive on your phone. Adding food pickup and delivery, visually appealing responses, and what can be best described as an improved Google Feed on Google Assistant.
  • Google Assistant is coming to Google Maps and Navigation this summer.
  • Android Dashboard will get better at showing you how you spend your time
  • Android Dashboard: shows you how you spent your time
  • JOMO – Google is focusing more on the “Joy Of Missing Out” which focuses on 4 key areas:
    • Understand your habits
    • Focus on what matters
    • Switch off and wind down
    • Find balance for your family
  • YouTube “Take A Break” Reminders will help you avoid too much binge-watching
  • YouTube Notifications digest will give you one notification that groups all your updates together, so you don’t get overwhelmed by constant subscription updates (rolling out this week)

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May 8, 2018 at 08:54AM