Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Can I use a wireless controller with PlayStation Classic?

Best answer: Though Sony has said they won't release peripherals like wireless controllers, there are at least two third-party controllers available right now. Amazon: JoyRetro wireless controller ($30) Amazon pre-order: 8BitDo Bluetooth adapter ($20) Best Buy: PlayStation...

How to set up multi-factor authentication in Microsoft Office 365

Follow these steps to enable multi-factor authentication in Office 365 for more secure log-ins. from Greenbot How-To

Gboard now supports 500 languages across more than 40 writing systems

Google has revealed that its Gboard keyboard app now supports 500 languages across over 40 writing systems. Some of the more recent languages added to Gboard include Nigerian Pidgin and Balinese. Google has also detailed its...

Boost your site’s traffic with SerpCloud Pro — 98% off today

There are five billion internet searches made every day, and most don’t go beyond the first page of the results. To drive readers or customers to your site, page one is where you want...




Google Home Max now available for purchase in online, retail stores

When you first saw Google Home and you thought to yourself, “Man, I need a much...